Thursday 10 July 2014

Petra & Anthony feat. Shelby





       Sea, islands, flowers and wonderful people. Another croatian experience just ended, but the feelings are still running through my veins. Simplicity and elegance can offer the perfect wedding near the Adriatic Sea. Hvar, Pakleni, Sv. Klement, Palmižana… are not just simple places or names. Wandering around Dalmatian Islands is the best way to get hit by the croatian spirit. When you see these places for the first time you’ll fall in love with Dalmatia and never wish to leave it.
So, what more proves do you need to consider it THE PERFECT DESTINATION FOR YOUR WEDDING? And I didn’t tell you anything yet about the food…


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Venue: Restaurant Zori, Palmižana/Pakleni Islands

M.U.A. Lisa Jericevich Makeup Artist International,

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