Friday 5 December 2014

Ana & Florin–The Chronicles of… Slatina


Chloë Agnew - Walking In The Air

          Her voice on the phone was… so kind and soft. Hypnotizing, I can say. How often a photographer accept a job without meeting the couple? Not so often. But my instinct made me do it. Of course, we accepted the request without an appointment. We’ve met Ana&Florin in the evening before the Wedding Day. It was a very pleasant surprise because in that moment we could connect that beautiful voice to a real person. Florin appeared as a very serious person. Serious, but kind. Both were looking as the perfect couple a photographer would prefer for best wedding photos. And we didn’t wrong. The wedding day was amazing. Emotions, tears, laughs, hugs, jokes, memories, flowers, rings, music, poetry, sun, stars and love. In the middle of this swirling energy you could see their happiness. Ana&Florin.


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