Thursday 23 April 2015

Raluca & Cristian



   During a short visit in Austria we have tried to ‘check’ Raluca & Cristian’s abilities in the front of the camera. It was great experience. We’ve tasted a little piece of that lovely country and enjoyed every moment we’ve spent with our friends. From Dürnstein to wonderful Wien. Of course, we took a walk in Schönbrunn Gardens where we’ve met the royal family. Impersonators. A tired Franz Josef and his tattooed mom, watching a bored and hungry Princess Sissi. But it didn’t stop us to take the pictures we wanted.
   Anyway, after this intermezzo we could bet for a wonderful wedding and another amazing pictures. A transylvanian wedding and a shooting in Croatia (we’ve just checked some of the Game of Thrones’ locations). A perfect combination. When you have happy people in front of your camera it is very easy to get the pictures. Let’s do it again, huh?

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Locations: Bruckenthal Summer Palace (Avrig, Romania), The Ursulines’ Church (Sibiu, Romania), The Hilton Hotel (Sibiu, Romania), The Diocletian Palace (Split, Croatia), The Klis Castle (Klis, Croatia), Jezera surroundings (Murter Island, Croatia).