Tuesday 15 May 2018

Anamaria & Ionuț - Beauty and the Beast :)

We know him for several years. He is a good photographer and it was a nice surprise for us when he called us for a booking. Many years ago we sold him one of our favourites photo camera, a D700 Nikon. He still have it and he brought it to the wedding so we used it, together with our D800s, to take the photos. Oh, we forgot about the bride :) Anamaria? His perfect match. Beautiful, smart, funny and sweet. When she laugh, the life come back to life :) Smart guy this friend of us :) It was a real great experience, we had a great time at their wedding. You know, that kind of wedding with no stress, with nice people having fun and not being occupied to plan the wedding. That kind of wedding you wish every weekend… Ana & Ionuț, we hope to see you soon :) And „Vielen Dank” for everything. You know…

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